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stark or lannister or targaryen or greyjoy

dorne or king’s landing or winterfell

direwolves or dragons

oberyn or doran

sansa or margaery or daenerys

the night’s watch or the kingsguard

westeros or beyond the wall

book one or two or three or four or five

the hound or the mountain that rides

the red wedding or the purple wedding

robb or joffrey or stannis or renly

queen or khaleesi

tyrion or jaime or cersei

tyrell or martell

the books or the tv show

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Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up:

  • never
  • gonna
  • give
  • you
  • up
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  • Courfeyrac: Grantaire! Aren’t you going to help us build the barricade?
  • Grantaire: To quote Hamlet Act III Scene iii line 92, “no”.
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Favorite PeoplePedro Pascal

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"aren’t you, like, over les mis yet?"


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I got my hair cut and dyed for my Carlos cosplay for SDCC (to which, after jumping through many fire covered hoops, I am going.) You can’t see them right now, but I have silver streaks at my temples because that’s what fannon has agreed on, apparently. WHATEVER I look hella cool.

(I also literally just learned that WTNV is going to comic-con and I AM FREAKING OUT.) 

Anyway - new hair!

Also sorry for the darkness in most of these. I have no excuse, I just was too lazy to turn on more lights.

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I think people should go vote for Athelnar at the 2014 Slash Madness. Come on, we need to at least make it to round two, guys!

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Do Big Cats Like Water?

We all know domestic cats don’t really like water? But what about tigers, lions and leopards? … We decided to give kid’s pools to some of our cats to find out!

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I’m almost never serious, and I’m always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too coldhearted.

Grantaire, Book XI (via incorrectlesmisquotes)  
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Book Montage Part Four! More books read from the floor, more books put on my shelves. This is last week’s vlog - all recently submitted questions will be answered this week. 

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Book Montage Part Three! Reading more books from my floor and showing off how much of my shelving unit is dedicated to literature. This is the week before last’s vlog - all questions submitted recently will be done this week.

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