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Deputy Jordan Parrish in 4.12

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nature is rad

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Sometimes it’s best to pretend the show ended before the series finale

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It doesn’t even matter what the show is

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I love Titanfall, and, of course, writing things I shouldn’t be writing. Authorial liberties have been taken with the minutia of customization that one can do in the game to their Titans, which, as far as I know, does not include specialized paint jobs. Also note that the tactics used in both Titan fighting and on the ground fighting should not be attempted in the actual game - they are for fic purposes only and you’ll probably just end up frustrated and dead. Certain aspects of game play have also been altered to fit a non-visual medium.

For visual reference: Graitaire’s IMC outfit, Enjolras’ Militia outfit. Also, I imagine them on the Nexus Map for the bulk of the story.

Pairing: pre e/r
Rating: T+ violence, death threats, shooting, ‘canon typical’ violence for Titanfall
Summary: Enjolras, pilot for the Militia, is captured (on accident!) by a man from the IMC, who may (or may not!) be the pilot of the infamous Green Rocket. 

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Scientists say every action initiates an equal and opposite reaction. I say that’s just the start. I say every action initiates a most unequal and upredictable chain reaction, that every filament of living becomes part of a larger weave, while remaining identifiable. That every line of latitude requires several stripes of longitude to obtain meaning. That every universe is part of a bigger heaven, a heaven of rhythm and geometry, where a heartbeat is the apex of a triangle.  -Ellen Hopkins, Triangles

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→ Hotch/Reid, requested by Anonymous.